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I've spent 14 years in the United States Air Force ... serving my country and fighting terrorism throughout the world. The most unorthodox thing to say is that I never expected to stay in the military as long as I did, in fact the military was suppose to be a stepping stone for me. I found myself excelling and quickly learned to adapt and make myself valuable within the military. Although I was able to begin a successful career in the Air Force, as each year went by I felt an emptiness within my creative space. One day I picked up a DSLR camera and told myself I would begin photography as a hobby. As the years continued I became proficient in photography and the entrepuener in me began to grow. Once I got stationed in Destin I found my niche in Real Estate Photography and made professional photography a must in an outdated industry on the Emerald Coast. I was now a small business owner with a full time commitment to the Air Force and my business. As I grew I started to incorporate website development and designs to not only deliver photographs but deliver a experience for the customer that was unique. I created a unique interactive websites that drove traffic directly to Real Estate Agents listings, not only advertising the property but also creating a brand for the agent. That ad on service became a stable among my clients. Once again I found a niche I was good at! I built websites that captured buyers interest as well as made the Real Estate Agents stand out among the group. Soon I stepped into the world of  social media, increasing their engagement by 34% with their audience and new potential customers. I now found myself more and more interested in the world of digital marketing which leads me to where I am now. Beginning of last year, 2019, I began to brainstorm on how I can take what I enjoy and turn it into a business that will ad value to my knowledge and experience and fullfil my creative spaces while providing me the ability to help others grow their business through the digital marketing landscape. Welcome DMA Orlando 

Why choose us?  Not only am I transparent about my pricing, I'm transparent about my business as well. My phisophy is that "trust is a must" to keep customers happy. I use the word "us" throughout my site because I'm not just a one man team. For the most part, it's just me however in regards to SEO I've teamed up with a competent group of individuals that are ready to give it their all for Digital Marketing Agency Orlando. They ensure that results are met to my standards that in return transition over to happy clients. Besides SEO, I manage all other aspects of DMA Orlando, so when you email, call or schedule a consultations you are speaking directly to me. Due to the fact that I am a small business owner I limited the amount of clients I take on to ensure you get 110% dedication to scaling your business. With a click of a button lets grow our business together!

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